Melanie Gorman - The Relationship Guru

This poem was written for Melanie Gorman, as a small token of "Thanks" for all her dedication in the relationship advice industry over the years. She has helped countless individuals find love and nurture their relationships. I am one who has benefited from her thoughtful expert advice.

Individuals like Melanie, are a rare breed. She is one of those people who truly understands others. You may find some of her amazing advice at ProConnect.

She knows a lot about mental health,
Her relationship advice is filled with wealth.
When we were lonely, and helplessly single,
She taught us the ropes, and the importance of mingle.

She's been to Mars and the planet called Venus,
Came back with insights, we call them genius.
Always in search of problems more complex,
When she slays them, she jumps to the next.

She shows us the path, with ProConnect,
When we have issues, we need to correct.
Countless must credit their dating success,
Our sincerest thanks, we would love to express.

She surely understands the human condition,
To assist human kind, that is her mission.
Oliver and Matt are the ones that inspire,
Provide love and fuel for her fire.

by Martin Dejnicki
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