Where You Belong

  • March 11, 2012 at 4:21 pm

You never looked behind,
To the love who waited so long,
You are safe in my heart,
And that’s where you belong.

By Ranjana Kuli

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I Love Her Eternal

  • January 15, 2012 at 6:14 pm

Her face is carved by angels and her body the same,
Her blue grey eyes sparkle like stars far away,
But in mine there are no others.

She is beauty itself, is she a dream,
No a dream doesn’t feel this amazing,
Her calls make me nocturnal,
Her name is Suzanne and I love her eternal.

By Dale Oxley

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Saying I Do

  • November 28, 2011 at 12:21 am

When we walk hand in hand,
I fly to a faraway place.

Gazing into your eyes,
That moment i know you’re the one.

Our lips meet into a kiss,
It stops me and takes my breath.

Three little words ring from your mouth,
They make my body turn into jello.

Saying I do goes farther into depth that I love you,
My words do not speak the profoundness, of how i feel about you.

I love you with all my heart and so much more,
Not sure how it’s possible to love you more than I already do.

As impossible as it feels,
I stand here knowing I love you more than I did yesterday.

By Jasmine Potter

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Poem of the Month

  • October 11, 2011 at 1:12 pm

Your An Angel Been Sent…..

Blessed being angel of the light,
Upon my existences of life so bright,
Light the way to my dream of day,
Bright my path with beauty, lead the way….

Your angel wings keeping me safe and strong,
Stand by my side on the journey so long,
Through the storms of clouds of night,
In days of stars of bright with light….

Behind me you stand wings out wide,
Catching my tears in the ponds of tide,
Over me you watch safe and true,
Warmest heat of above shines in you….

Sent down to me the gods did send,
Through the good and storms until the end,
Your gentleness and warmth of love,
You are the divine of all angels above…..

Never wonder; never forget, my friend so true,
The beauty of the heavens shines in you,
Given in my life like the stars of above,
Gods send you to me with untouched love….

Pure and divine of all that is rare,
Is given so beautiful from you, you care,
Standing at my gates of destiny to me,
For eternal my angel friend to be…..

The richness I breathe your existences of divine,
You stand by my side my angel of mine,
Enriched beautiful one of the heavens you come,
Angel wings around me best friend as one……………

By Gina Richardson (c) 13/04/2011 @ 8.11am

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Poem of the Month

  • September 4, 2011 at 9:54 pm

You Are The Angel To Be……

I see amongst the mist your chanting smile,
Through life dear friend we walk the mile,
In your whispered words I hear your song,
As right beside you I will walk along,
Through your healing words I feel so deep,
Reach out to me my friend we meet….

Your words of a written poem to me,
Shows the beautiful heart I come to see,
Your true warmth wraps me like wings,
Words that can make a heart song sing,
I see the amazing beauty in side of you,
Everyday beauty comes shining through…

The inspiring enchanting real you unfold,
Overwhelming words so deep being told,
And you have the amazing heart to know,
The real warming person you are does show,
Always forever my dear friend you are…..

Amazing delightful and beauty so rare,
Comes out of you to show you care,
Sweetened by your essence held in you,
Am blessed to have you little one so true,
Being my shining sun to brighten my day,
Even many traveled miles away…

Always remember you are pure so divine
A blessing to have as a friend of mine,
Trust to know on the road of life you bring,
Your beautiful song in my heart does sing,
A painting that shows your inner light,
Shining the road in times its dark so bright…..

Lighting the way in my world with meaning,
Through the truthfulness of friendship is beaming,
Like a rare diamond found forever is now mine,
Will be given to you in the dream of time,
So dear friend I am blessed to only be known,
To one day be one and to no longer be alone….

Believe in the dream the impossible one,
That all miracles of beauty can become,
Like a soft scented flower that blooms free,
Engulfed with your beauty of desire to be,
Respected by your trust to me dear friend,
A remarkable loyalty for each other to the end…..

Trust to only know little one it is so true,
As awesome as it may really be to meet you,
I respect the promise that is made special one,
You are the angel to me been sent and has come,
To watch over me and protect all that you bring,
Waking each morning with the song in ones heart to sing ……..

By Gina Richardson (c) 12/4/2011 @ 3.53pm

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Poem Of The Month

  • July 28, 2011 at 1:28 am

Something Real

I’ve been wanting to tell her,
How much she means to me,
To say how much I wish she could see.

That I need her like food or sleep,
To tell her how much I would weep,
If one day I saw her nearby,
If she didn’t wave or even say hi.

For I love Lucy so,
And she doesn’t even know,
For I would risk anything to see her smile,
To sit down and have a chat for a while.

But does she feel the same way?
The reason I get up each and every day?
Does she know how I feel?
And know that for me it’s just so real.

I’m sure she is aware,
Of how much I truly care,
But what if she doesn’t feel the same way?
Would she be able to love me some day?

There is only way for me to know,
I must go up to her and if I do so,
I will tell her exactly how I feel,
I hope her love is there but just concealed.

If she doesn’t love me I will pray,
For I need this heart to heal,
For what I feel is something big,
Something new and very real.

By Gabby Manuel

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Victoria and David Beckham Love Poem

  • April 22, 2011 at 7:46 pm

Here’s a love poem written especially for Victoria and David Beckham. Obviously, these two make up one of the best looking couples ever. And for a celebrity couple, their marriage has actually lasted. Enjoy!

Posh Football

They met in 97 at a charity soccer match,
That day she learned, the ball you can’t catch.
They both enjoy wearing, matching trendy clothes,
She looked at a sticker book, and with confidence she chose.

They married two years later, in a fancy Irish castle,
To love and support was the only vassal.
Their boys are Brooklyn, Romeo and youngest is Cruz,
They live in California, with beautiful views.

Victoria was always into designer fashion,
Her charity work, revealed her compassion.
Since he was a child, he wished to play soccer,
When he made it big, it wasn’t a shocker.

The love they share is obvious and clear,
When we see them together, we happily cheer.
We wish them happiness and plenty of spice,
Because they talk and act very nice.

by Martin Dejnicki

  • January 28, 2011 at 4:39 pm

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Short Love Poems for Her

  • January 18, 2011 at 1:54 pm

Are you looking for some short love poems for her? (especially since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner).

Here’s a short and sweet one that you are free to share with that special lady in your life.

I wish to express how I currently feel,
This moment in time, is truly ideal.
So much joy you always create,
All the way back, since our very first date.
My love for you has grown ever since,
If this is a dream, than I am your prince.
There is a promise, I shall forever keep,
That my love for you will always be deep!

Now, if you want to be spontaneous than you shouldn’t wait till Valentine’s Day. Give her the above love poem right now. She won’t expect it. But she will love it. Tell her how much you love her every single day, and that you don’t need a Valentine’s Day to express your love.

If you’d like you can always change the above poem up a little bit or customize it so that it’s a bit more personal. For example in the fifth line you can change it so that you include her name. You may write:

My love for (name) has grown ever since,
If this is a dream, than I am her prince.

It’s up to you whether you want to include her name in the short love poem above. But I think you should. I am sure that her heart will melt when she reads her name. She will know that this poem is just for her and that it’s not generic.

Well, not just sit there, print it out or write it out, or even text her the poem. Just don’t forget to share it with her and make sure that you plan something special. It doesn’t matter as much what you plan, as long as it looks like you put some effort into organizing and thinking of something romantic.

Good Luck!

A Poem for Stephanie Nielson

  • October 4, 2010 at 3:58 pm

Here’s a little poem that I wrote for a very courageous and inspirational lady and wonderful blogger, Stephanie Nielson.

Stephanie’s Journey

Every moment she celebrates life,
Amazing mom and a wonderful wife.
Her story and actions simply remind,
What really matters, on those days that we’re blind

She lives each day with physical pain,
Sometimes she feels the emotional drain.
Nicholas, Jimmy, Jane, and Claire,
Christian loves her, and always is there.

All of her courage, we truly admire,
With God by her side, she defeated the fire.
He challenged her and bestowed a divine role,
To preach his love, by sharing her soul.

by Martin Dejnicki