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My Love For You

My love for you contains no bounds,
Beyond pure sight or any sounds.
It does not follow, distance or time,
If mountains appear, effortless its climb

My love for you is patient and kind,
How lucky I am, it shall constantly remind.
It will always wait, with a tender smile,
Truly understands your personal style.

My love for you feeds my soul,
I never hunger from this bowl.
Since it leads me in the right direction,
Everyday I will show my affection.

by Martin Dejnicki
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That was just a sample of the many wonderful love poems that are available on this site. If you liked that one, I am sure you will enjoy sharing the next one.


My passion to love you, increases each day,
Like a shining bright star, I wish to display.
You bring me happiness, with all those kind deeds,
Making me laugh, always succeeds.

When we are together smiles prevail,
Around every corner, there’s always a tale.
Our bond is strong and surely unique,
Special and rare, like an infinite peak.

As I look in your eyes, I learn about love,
Gratitude lifts me to the heavens above.
My life is beautiful with you by my side,
Hope and love I shall always provide.

by Martin Dejnicki

I hope you liked that poem, here's another one for you.

Blossomed Love

Began one day, from a simple seed,
Did not give in, to any weed.
Nourished with a constant light,
It grew strong, with all its might.

Survived tough times, and even a drought,
Bond of - Soils, no one could doubt.
With proper nutrients we created a stem,
One in a million, like a gem.

Over time, we secured our roots,
Let us enjoy those precious fruits.
Our love possesses a special power,
It has blossomed like a flower.

by Martin Dejnicki

One of my favorite short love poems that I wrote so far, is similar to the previous one. It also talks about seeds and uses nature to symbolize love. I hope you enjoy it.

Seeds of Love

Patient love calmly strolled,
Through the snow and winter cold.
It just knew, that time would bring,
The joy of warmth, in the spring.

Trusting love did not inquire,
Rumors and questions, it did not require.
Found the spot and rooted in soil,
It knew the water, would not boil.

Patience and Trust are the seeds,
For love to grow, without the weeds.
If you are patient and trust your heart,
Love will bless you, from the start.

by Martin Dejnicki

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